API stands for application programming interface, it is a way two software systems talk to each other.

The Snapforce API is an easy to use RESTful api, you can quickly pull data from your CRM database, insert new data, and edit or delete existing data. You can also insert attachments via the api and pull existing attachments from your database.

All requests via the API use the same system as if you were doing that action from within Snapforce. All workflow automations will trigger regardless if you do that action from within Snapforce, or from the API.

How Snapforce API Works

In simple terms Snapforce CRM is a relational customer and sales database, that stores all of your organizations, persons, leads/deals, products, activities, notes, calls, emails, files, and other communications. All of these record types link to each other to form relationships. This allows you to pull, for example, all activities for a specific deal, or all notes for a specific organization, etc.

Each user can have their own API token, which will provide access to all of their specific data. The admin's API token has access to all data.

All data sent to the API must be JSON formatted. All data returned by the API will be JSON formatted.


Request TypeDescription
GETUsed when retrieving data.
POSTUsed when creating data.
PUTUsed when updating data.
DELETEUsed when deleting data.

URL Naming

The API uses a simple naming convention.

Required parameters: api_token, api_username, module
Optional parameters: organization_id, person_id, deal_id, activity_id, note_id, file_id, product_id

Example for retrieving all deals:


Example for retrieving specific deal: